March 7, 2011

ilan goldstein


japan gap#5

January 7, 2011

can we learn japanese

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japan / gap#2

December 1, 2010

japan / gap #1

December 1, 2010

Tokyo Tel-Aviv Tokyo

October 23, 2008

Bicycle on fire

October 16, 2008

we went to look for some old style bicycle. We needed them for street statue we were making. We went to some shop down town but it went on fire just a while before.

it was a mess. Strong smell of burned tyers.

there were 2 people on the balcony of the first floor. It was set on fire too. There were looking down, both smoking. just missed them – they got back inside.

Bad news: We didn’t find the bicycle. had to keep looking.

Good news: We found one, on the next day.

The key

October 11, 2008

In any backyard in the street there were taps. When you are out in
the street from noon till dark, you need to drink.

Water were preciouse and you don’t let people to use it for free.

You need a key. If you don’t have one, you’ll have to get home early.
Even a camel gets thirsty when it’s 40 degrees.

I still carry it with me. Just as a reminder of where did I come from.

Ban the leaf blower

October 7, 2008

Signs of time

October 5, 2008

Cooling walls

October 3, 2008